Our Vision
  • Before YouTube was YouTube, we were creating video content for websites here in Chicago.

    We had a vision. Because even back then, we saw where the trends were headed.

    Broadband adoption by consumers was exploding. That meant bigger and better video files could be easily shared by websites.

    Paralleling that, new camera technology along with desktop editing programs allowed for the creation of quality online video content at a reasonable cost.

    Suddenly, brands began to realize consumers were spending more time online, and watching less and less TV. While smart search engines like Google were sending curious consumers directly to brand websites.

    It was a perfect storm of change.

    And at its epicenter, lies the core idea behind BYOB.

    The way we see it, when a brand decides to Become Your Own Broadcaster, it means they stop looking at their website like it’s an online brochure.

    And start looking at it like it’s their online broadcast station.

    A station capable of broadcasting to the whole world, 24/7. For free.

    BYOB means a product or company can now give consumers the brand information they are seeking in its most powerful and persuasive form: video.

    It means a lot of brands will rethink their online presence. Turning it into more of a total consumer experience.

    Websites will be dynamic. Entertaining. Full of fresh content. Content people want to see. And want to spend time with. Engaging video content, broadcast directly from a brand’s website.

    That is our vision.

    And our unique background in creating compelling programming and breakthrough advertising for traditional media helps us imagine new and innovative content ideas for brand websites.

    We’ve been at it longer than anyone else.

    So we have more ways to help brands attract and engage audiences than anyone else.

    Think about it.

    If your website was a broadcast station, what would you broadcast?

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Partner in Big Thinking By The Hour, Inc, a Chicago based company that specializes in creating video content for websites to attract and engage visitors. Your website is your very own broadcast station. So, what are you going to broadcast?