• How BYOB Got Its Start

    Big Thinking By The Hour’s founders, Mary Beth Hughes Wilke and Jim Courtright, have a unique dual pedigree: Broadcast programming and advertising.

    Which means throughout their careers, they not only created the programming you wanted to watch, but they created the interruptive ads that a lot of people didn’t want to watch.

    This gave them a vision. A vision of creating a different kind of content. Content that attracts audiences and helps sell product. Content that is then broadcast from a brand’s own website.

    Which is why they founded Big Thinking By The Hour here in Chicago.

    To help brands learn how to “program” their own websites. With fresh video content that builds audiences and builds brands at the same time.

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Partner in Big Thinking By The Hour, Inc, a Chicago based company that specializes in creating video content for websites to attract and engage visitors. Your website is your very own broadcast station. So, what are you going to broadcast?