What’s More Fun Than a Pre-Roll Ad?
  • Robocalls? Drive-through colonoscopies? A Rosie O’Donnell telethon? You get our drift.

    Pre roll ads that interrupt content I want to watch not only make me want to click elsewhere, I actually hate the brand that interrupted me.

    That said, there’s a great new article from Online Video Daily on this, our favorite subject.

    It says that videos that give people the content they want to watch are more valuable than interruptive preroll ads. Unfortunately, 95% of the money in online advertising takes the interruptive path.

    Here’s an alternative but practical application. An insurance brand has a choice: Lay out a few hundred thousand dollars on an online  campaign. Then interrupt some trending video content that a Millennial wants to see on YouTube with a legion of targeted pre-roll ads.

    Or, the insurance company spends the money on a series of fun “What Are The Odds?” videos that are relevant to Millennials. Then you seed them on Facebook. What are the odds you’ll get hit by lightning? (Hint, better than winning the lottery). All brought to you by the insurance brand, and subtly linked to it. Simple, Shareworthy® content.

    New studies are showing that engaging content like this trumps pre-roll ads.

    We say Amen to that. (Mostly because this was written on Holy Thursday.)


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