A million hits=a million bucks
  • Ad Age just published their top 10 “viral” videos of the year. Remember when viral meant that a lucky bit of footage someone caught on an iPhone would get a million views? Now corporate advertising has taken over the viral world. There isn’t a single video listed that isn’t part of a multimillion dollar ad campaign. Heck, who couldn’t go viral with a budget like that.

    We have a better idea. Shareworthy® videos. Inexpensive, fun, engaging, eminently easy to share because they aren’t trying to sell. We just make them cool enough to sneak into the Social Network conversation. We can do a bunch of them for around $10,000, and we betcha we can get you more views for your dollar than the big fancy ad campaigns. Check out some of ours at http://www.totallyshamelessplug.com

    Can we film on for you?

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