Content is Emperor
  • Our Holy Grail is to make daily fun, entertaining video content for savvy brands to leverage through Social Media. While everyone else is trying to share text, we want to share video content. It just so happens that Cory Treffiletti of Online Media Daily thinks that content is the most important part of the Social Media sharing equation. It’s not just king, its the new Emperor. We happen to agree. Here’s his article. BTW if anyone out there knows of a smart Social Media company that has developed some kickass metrics that we can apply to our video content, put your hands up now. We are one case study away from launching the coolest turn-key social networking platform you’ve ever seen. Look for more details soon.

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Partner in Big Thinking By The Hour, Inc, a Chicago based company that specializes in creating video content for websites to attract and engage visitors. Your website is your very own broadcast station. So, what are you going to broadcast?

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