Seth Godin on How to Connect with Customers
  • We’ve been following Seth Godin for years. You should too. He’s a marketing guru who’s written many savvy books on how to succeed in the new digital world. Whenever he writes something that we believe in, we share it. Like today.

    Seth’s latest post talks about what customers want. We are proud to say that everything Seth claims customers want from a product matches the criteria we use to create Shareworthy┬« videos. His insight, and ours, is that there are basically 3 things that engage people.

    You can read about Seth’s version here. Our version follows below.

    We have basically distilled why people will watch a video about a product down to 3 key reasons.

    Number One: I will watch if you show me dramatically that your product really works. This is pretty simple stuff. When you make a better mobile device, like the iPhone, the benefits of the product alone will get attention. People really do crave information, if it’s presented well.

    Number Two: I will watch if your product entertains me. Why do people love Bud Light commercials? Time and again, the brand takes a simple taste message and turns it into pure entertainment, and makes us laugh. Entertainment is not easy. But it always attracts an audience.

    Number Three: I will watch if it makes me cool. The insight here is that knowledge is power. The early adopter of the iPad is cooler than the person who waits a year to buy one. The person who can talk about a new product to friends before the friends know about it owns the ego-high ground.

    So today, every time we create an online video for a client, we ask these three questions of the product: Does it work? Is it fun? Will it make me cool?

    Within those 3 questions lies the key to making a Shareworthy® video.


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