How we would reinvent the TV spot
  • I must admit I hate TV commercials. And I use to make them for a living. I made hundreds of them. Occasionally, I still have to make them, to pay the bills. But I still hate them.

    I hate the very idea of commercials. They are designed to interrupt. Don’t you hate people who constantly interrupt you? I thought so.

    So why do brands, in an attempt to get people to like them, do something that people hate them for? It’s an old, old model.

    This ad supported entertainment model goes way back to the first crowds that gathered around a Renaissance Faire. You create some entertainment, you gather a crowd. You gather a crowd, you sell goods. It’s that easy.

    You want to watch Greys’s Anatomy? You gotta watch my commercial that interrupts Grey’s Anatomy. I hate that.

    So here’s a thought (stolen from a British Honda TV campaign, ironically). Hate something, change something.

    So here’s how we’d change what we hate.

    We’d make products into entertainment. Make the product attract the audience. Cut out the middle man.

    It’s being done right now on YouTube. With brands like Blendtec and their series “Will It Blend?” And with Coca-Cola and their “Happiness Machine” video.

    When products make commercials, they get ignored. When products become entertainment, the entertainment gets shared.

    With the advent of social networks, entertainment-sharing has become simple, fun and widespread. Here’s an article talking about where video is going in the next decade. Social sharing could be the next big media for products.

    But only if products become entertainment.

    Look for a new product from us, that helps brands become entertainment in Q1 of this year.

    Hate something, change something.

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